My Florida
Music CD

Cindy "Sawgrass" Hackney & Valerie C. Wisecracker
Executive Producer Clyde Butcher

Start player below to listen to
Oscar Thompson Was
Everyone's Friend
a song from the new CD

This CD was dedicated to the memory of Oscar Thompson (1943-2002), a dear friend of the Butcher family, who first introduced Clyde to the swamp. Oscar, who loved this wild land, epitomised the hard work, patience and endurance of the "real" Florida.

Clyde is very excited about the music on this CD...for years he has wanted Cindy and Valerie to put together a CD. Their music/stories are so much a part of the history of Florida that they should be kept in a historical archive.
  1. Stop Runnin’ My Florida Home Into The Ground   2. The Power Of The Ghost 
3. Wanna White Trash Trailer   4. Florida’s Life Blood
5.Oscar Thompson Was Everyone's Friend   6. Golf Course Blues
7. Chokoloskee, A Little Left of the Law   8. Cone of Uncertainty
9. Rusty Banjo 10. Hurricane Blew   11. Swamp Buggy Bride
 Runs Aprox 40 minutes.
Price: $15.00 - 10% of all sales will be donated to Friends of Big Cypress.
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When I first came to Florida in the 1980s I was captivated by both the environment and the culture. The beauty of the natural world and the southern lifestyle, built on hard work, patience and endurance, fascinated me. But as time passed the "real" Florida began to disappear as wave after wave of newcomers came. When I first heard Valerie and Cindy's music I felt a longing in my heart for those down-to-earth folks that made Florida the unique place that I first encountered. I had found soul mates in these songwriters, who present the "real" Florida culture in the same way that I try to depict the "real" Florida environment. Cindy and Valerie's music is a part of the history of this state and I am very excited to help keep that history alive by sharing their songs through this compilation, "My Florida."  - Clyde Butcher

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